Maid as Needed | Task Cleaning

Home cleaning can be quite a daunting and tiresome job, especially if not done correctly. We usually clean our homes by following the zone cleaning procedure that is cleaning room by room. This cleaning method may take a lot of your time and energy as you have to repeat the whole process for every room again and again.

A better way for home cleaning is the methodology of task cleaning, which is recommended by most of the expert house cleaners. Task cleaning is when rather than cleaning each room individually; you complete one chore all over the house before continuing to the next one. This method is comparatively more effective, easy, and faster, and also gives you much more physical exercise than zone cleaning!

Are you still confused about what task cleaning is and how to carry it out? Read on to learn about the seven basic steps you need to follow to give your house a new shine without spending a fortune. Want to clean your whole house thoroughly in less than four hours? Just follow the below-mentioned stages of home cleaning and give your house a makeover without spending a fortune.

Cleaning Guide

In Task cleaning methodology, you have to carry out one cleaning chore all over the house. The approach to do this is to move top-to-bottom and left-to-right. For each cleaning task, start from the highest point in the room and move from left to right across the room. This cleaning tactic will ensure that no area is missed, the dust does not spread around and return to the already cleaned areas, and you will remember which areas are cleaned and which are not.

Here are the seven steps or stages of cleaning that are usually done while cleaning your home. We usually perform all these cleaning activities in one room and then move on to the next room. When following the task cleaning approach, carry out these jobs in the same order throughout the house, and save yourself some time!

  • First Task: Dust that dirt away!
    • One thing that the winds are sure to bring to your house is dust! The initiatory cleaning chore is to brush that dust away. Brush off the dust from all the surfaces in each room all through the house! Make sure to dust the top of all the furniture, upsides, and downsides of shelves and racks, railings, picture frames, TV screens, and other surfaces that attract dust particles.
  • Second Task: Clean all the fabric on your furniture!
    • Move around the house and take off all the furniture fabric. Strip the bed and remake them carefully. Brush or wipe away any excess dust or dirt on your furniture. You can also use a vacuum if needed.
  • Third Task: Make those mirrors and glass shiny and spotless!
    • Clean all the mirrors and windows present all over the house. One of the best ways to clean glass is to spray on a glass cleaner all over it and then use one wet and one dry microfiber cloth to ensure better cleaning results.
  • Fourth Task: Wipe down all the surfaces that are in frequent human contact! 
    • Clean all the surfaces, including counters throughout the house, by scrubbing and wiping them down. Make sure to use a disinfectant where required. Remember to wipe off all the areas that the fingers frequently touch, such as electric switches, door handles, remotes, and phones.
  • Fifth Task: Clean the two crucial areas – kitchen and bathroom
    • Use a spray bottle to spray a tough cleaning agent all over the different areas in a bathroom. Spray the cleaner all over the tubs, sinks, walls, floors, and toilets. Let them get soaked for some time while the cleaner does its job. Return after a while and scrub and rinse all the surfaces in the bathroom. For the kitchen – the first thing to do is to scrub and wipe off the insides of the microwave and other appliances, the cabinets, sink, and countertops. Make sure to use a disinfectant in both areas as they should be as germ-free as possible.
  • Sixth Task: Time to clean the floors!
    • The topmost manner of cleaning all the floors of the house is by following the two-step routine – sweep and mop! First, use a broom to remove all the dust and dirt from the floors. Make sure to sweep the floors by starting from the innermost areas of each room and then work your way outwards. This sweeping direction will ensure that the dirt moves out of the house and do not spread around. Secondly, take a mop, wet it properly, and scrub the floors in the same direction that you swept. You may also use cleaning agents and disinfectants while mopping.
  • Seventh Task: Vacuum!
    • The final stage of home cleaning is to vacuum throughout the house. The best way to vacuum is the same as sweeping, i.e., to start from the inner corners of the house and then work your way outwards. 

A clean house is essential for a healthy and hygienic life, but cleaning your home every day is not something that we usually look forward to. However, Task cleaning is the secret weapon that will help you clean your home, hopefully, without getting bored and tired. You will not only clean your house but will also be able to get a lot of physical exercise as the key to task cleaning is to keep moving!

Happy Home Cleaning!