Seven must-have cleaning products you need for your home

Have you been worrying about settling in your new home and getting rid of all the dirt that has been thickening on your walls, down your sink, and on the edges of your windows? Those unwanted spider webs hiding behind the basins of your bathroom and on the corner of your room has shaken you to the core. Are you fed up of insects touring your house every day and you can’t do anything about it? Don’t worry! I bring you the seven most essential cleaning products that would not only help to maintain a good hygienic environment but also bring a lot of positivity around you as quoted by Marie Kondo “ The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. “ Here is the list of seven must-have cleaning products you need for your home:

1. Dustpan and broom

There’s no better way to clean an unwanted mess on the floor than using a broom. It helps to sweep away the dust resting on your floor pretty quickly. It’s just one swift movement of the hand, and you’re done. You can even clean the mess or dirt from the narrowest places like behind the sofa and from under the bed. Dustpan and broom come hand in hand. You need a dustpan to collect the dirt you have swept from the floor, and then you can dispose of it in a dustbin. The dustpan is pretty light in weight and occupies a small space so you can keep both dustpan and broom in your storeroom.  

2. Mop with a bucket

Now we all know that even after brooming our entire house, we are still left with few dust particles on the floor that stick to our feet every time we walk, we all know how that feels. I’ve got a perfect way to get rid of it. It can be done through mopping. A mop consists of a bundle of coarse string or yarn which helps in absorbing liquid. A dry mop won’t really help in sticking all the dirt in it. Hence we require a bucket full of water. You need to dip the mop in the bucket, squeeze off the excess water, and then sweep the floor. You’ll notice a dirt-free floor. Try walking on this floor, and you’ll feel no dirt sticking to your feet. You can even let your children play barefoot.

3. Cleaning agent

The floor may look dirt-free after mopping, but it hasn’t yet killed all the germs, viruses, and bacteria that live on the surface of the floor. This is where a cleaning agent comes in handy. It is widely used for sanitation purposes and disinfects areas like toilets. You can add it to the bucket of water before mopping the floor. The end results would surprise you, and now you have a speck of dirt free as well as germ-free floor. 

4. Duster

I’m sure none of us would want our side tables, dressing tables, dining tables, cupboards, and vases to always be covered with a thin layer of dust. This is where a duster comes in good use, it is light in weight and helps you in cleaning that thin layer of dust that often settles on every furniture or showpieces present at your home. Not only this but a duster can be used to move t spider webs away often found on corners of the wall and even behind the sink. Duster is now available with extensible rods, and you can remove the dust from farthest places like the top of your wall where your hand doesn’t reach and even from the roof.

5. Toilet brush and holder:

A bristled toilet brush can help you in cleaning the toilet bowl effortlessly. It is made up of plastic; hence it is light in weight, you don’t have to replace it quite often, which means that it is user friendly. It helps in getting free of all the dirt. You can use a cleaning agent as well in order to give it a better scrub and get rid of all the germs. It’s just one rotatory movement of the toilet brush, and the toilet bowl is clean. 

6. Toothbrush

You would be surprised to know that a toothbrush is not just used to clean teeth; it can be used to clean edges of the basin, the corners of the bathroom. Moreover, sometimes tap and shower end up being pretty greasy, there’s no perfect way to clean it than using a toothbrush. It can also help to clean the bathroom tiles. The firm grip on the toothbrush help in twisting and rotating it at every angle hence making cleaning easier. But make sure that you keep this toothbrush separate or else you would need to end up putting it in your mouth, and that could end up pretty badly.

7.  Window Cleaner

You often get to see handprints on glass windows and mirrors. Sometimes kids breathe out on windows or mirrors so that they could draw over it, on the other hand, little ones end up drawing on your window and mirror, leaving lipstick stains everywhere. Window cleaner is like your knight in sharmor armour. It helps to clean every mark or stain or dirt on your window. You can use a sponge or window wiper along with the cleaner to make the window clear and transparent. The window cleaner has a nozzle attached to it, you have to apply a little force, and it will spurt out of it. It is pretty comfortable to use.

These seven essential housekeeping products would help in maintaining a good, healthy, and cleaner environment around you. Your home is a safe place for you and your family, and it’s your responsibility to keep it clean. Moreover, cleaning is pretty therapeutic as it helps to remove all kinds of stress. There are many more cleaning products that can be used in the housekeeping regime, but the above-mentioned products are the most basic ones and even available at lower prices.