Maid as Needed House Cleaning

Home cleaning is a priority everyone sets, but the results in cleaning a house yourself and getting a professional to do it can vary massively. This can be due to many reasons, mainly because they are not involved in the mess, and therefore, there’s nothing that distracts them. Professionals set up a specific pattern in which they begin and end without involving in any other matters. This is one reason why they wind up earlier than you ever can. 

So, let’s have a look at how professionals clean a house. 


The very first step that you need to do is to declutter the house. You can’t clean amid a mess that keeps falling out of nooks and crannies. Put the newspaper at its place, organize the books back into the shelves, get around the utensils into the sink or cabinets, pick up the cushions from the floor.

 Once this is done, you’ll see how clean the house looks from an effort as minor as this. Professionals make sure to do the basic cleaning first. That is, I usually make piles of stuff lying here and there for the homeowner to sort out later. You can only begin cleaning once you’ve decluttered. Professionals never do both of these at the same time as it’s nor efficient at all. 

Remove dust mites

Untouched areas can develop dust, mites, and irritants that must be cleaned regularly to ensure health and wellness. For this reason, you just clean frequently instead of one spring-clean. Dust mites can be a cause of allergy and asthma. They tend to live in beddings and fabrics like mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, and even blankets. Therefore, weekly home cleaning is essential. Every professional makes sure to do that. 


Now, once they start with the cleaning, they begin with the bathrooms. It starts with removing everything from the tubs, showers and coats them with bathroom cleaners, leaving them to be soaked.

The same is done with the toilet bowls. Then, spraying them with the cleaning products and swishing them around using a brush. It is also the time when they empty all the trash baskets.  

Change bedsheets

While the bathroom is soaking, take some clean sheets and pillowcases for each room and start with the bedding. Strip off the sheets and remake the bed in every room. All the dirty sheets are then taken to the laundry room. 

Changing the sheets always comes before dusting and cleaning the walls and ceiling as it keeps the dust from piling under the covers. If your ceiling is incredibly dusty, cleaning it after the bedding can get your freshly made bed cover with dust. 

Ceilings and walls top to bottom

After that, the next step in home cleaning is walls and ceiling. After starting with the cobwebs, they move on with dusting the ceiling, corners, and door jams and work the same way in every room and all around the house. 

While websters are okay to work with, a cloth is better to wipe off the sticky webs and dirt. Cleaning the light fixtures and fan blades also comes during this.

Finish cleaning the bathroom

Now comes the time to finish the bathroom cleaning after the cobs and webs. Use a broom to scrub the tubs and showers. After getting done with the shower, put all the shampoos and other things back into the shower. After that, clean the vanity and mirror. Scrub the sink and polish all the steel fixtures to remove the stains. 

After getting done with the shower and vanity, it’s time to shift towards the toilet bowl. Professionals usually use a washbasket and bleach solution to disinfect the toilet brush after using it. Paper towels are useful to clean the outside and seat of the toilet instead of using a cloth. 

At last, they clean the bathroom floor. Professionals use a rag or a mop to clean the bathroom floor, according to their ease. Old towels and t-shirts make great rags. 

Cleaning the shower curtain is also part of bathroom cleaning. The best way to wash a shower curtain is with warm water on a gentle cycle and hang it in the shower to dry. 


After getting done with the hard part of home cleaning, the next step is dusting. Professionals start with the furniture by removing all the small items from the shelves and tabletops and polish them with oil. Wipe off the lamps around the house, set the covers aside to be vacuumed, and dust the dirt underneath. Then they clean all the tabletops, coffee tables, and shelves before putting everything back into place. 

They dust all the books on the bookshelves and the fronts and tops of the books every week.

Vacuum and mop floors

Now, the next step of home cleaning is vacuuming and mopping floors. Vacuum the lampshades and put them back in place. Then take up all the upholstered furniture, vacuum all the floor corners then move on to the carpets and rugs. After that comes the cleaning of the hard floors using an upright vacuum or canister vacuum, whichever you possess. For filthy tiled floors, a sponge mop and bucket are super necessary. A microfiber mop does a good job as well. 


When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, they usually start with washing all the dishes, organizing drawers, wiping off the refrigerator, cleaning the cabinets, stove, microwave, and then cleaning the sink. Once all of this is done, they shift towards the countertops’ final wipe before putting the appliances and necessities back into place. At last, they clean the floors. 


Professional home cleaning is always systematic and organized, which is why the end results are super satisfying. They start in a particular way and keep going till the end without getting distracted. You can also clean your house the same way. All it takes is a little consistency in the efforts and forming a proper routine to carry out the tasks.