Five best ways to keep your cleaning tools clean and tidy

To have a polished house, all your cleaning supplies must be tidy and clean. Bacteria, debris, dirt, and odors can increase on a higher level if mops, brooms, and brushes are not adequately cleansed after use. The main aim is to remove the bacteria and dirt from each part so that it doesn’t come in contact with other areas going to get cleaned. 

It’s crucial to establish a regular procedure to clean the tools. Below mentioned are five ways to help you get the best results and save your time and effort. 

Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner

Upright, Canister, and hand- vacuums should be regularly cleaned. 

Firstly, empty the reusable cup and bag. After using it dispose of both the things and give a quick wash to the reusable cup after every month from dishwashing liquid in hot water to remove greasy film or dust. 

Clean Filters and hoses 

It’s essential to detect any blockages in the hose and change the disposable filters. You can also add your favorite oil to freshen the air once you vacuum. 

Clean Beater Bar

In the beater, the threads and hair should be quickly removed with sharp and small scissors. It increases the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. 

Cleaning Cotton Mops 

After using cotton mops it should be rinsed in white vinegar and hot water. The mop heads should be monthly cleansed in hot water with detergent. To prevent bacteria growth, the mop should be dried thoroughly before storing. Once it’s dried out, it should be kept in a ventilated area. 

 Non- removable fabric mop heads should be cleaned: To clean them, heavy detergent and hot water should be mixed. The mop head should then be soaked for a few minutes and then allow it to move to loosen the soil. Chlorine bleach can also be used to disinfect the fibers. 

Cleaning a Broom

Whether it’s made from microfibre, broom straw, it should be cleaned regularly. 

 Firstly, the trapped dirt should be removed from the bristles. Afterward, for a deep clean, mix two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in hot water, clean it, rinse with cold water, and then leave the bristles pointing down to let it dry. 

Take the broom outside and knock it off to loosen dust. 


 Never store your broom if the bristles are touching down the floor. Store or hang it to maintain a proper shape.  

 If the straw broom’s original shape is lost, wet the bristles and use strings to reshape it. 

Cleaning Brushes and Sponges

Cleaning both the brushes and sponges is a crucial part as it’s used in the kitchen. 

After every use, it’s essential to raise the brush or sponge in hot water and then store it to dry. Both should be disinfected weekly, for that chlorine bleach is used to clean it thoroughly. 

Note: If a scrub or mop has been used for a very germy job, it’s essential to clean it to prevent it from cross-contamination quickly. 


Sponges should be directly disposed of off if they have an odd smell as the odor is the bacteria which would spread on other areas where sponge touches 

Cleaning Dusters

Whether it’s microfibre, feather and wool duster, every kind of duster should be cleaned after each use. To remove loose dust, take the duster outside and shake it. If the duster is solid, mix a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water and then swish it for a few minutes. Squeeze the excess water and let it dry. 


Different cleaning products should never be mixed as they could create toxic fumes. Chemicals should be used in a ventilated space. 

Proper care is essential to keep your cleaning tools clean and tidy. It will not only help to reduce replacement costs but will have a prolonged life. 

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