Maid as Needed | House Cleaning

House cleaning is one of the toughest jobs one finds to do. Especially because for one, we don’t know where to start and second, there is so much to do that you find it easier to procrastinate. On the other side of the picture, we all long for the satisfaction that takes over you when you see a clean, well-organized house. However, there are several ways that you can adopt to make this pesky task easier and quicker. 

Gather all your tools

You need multiple tools once you start cleaning. So, gather them all in a bucket or caddy to make it easier. Going back and forth to get the tool you need is only going to take unnecessary time and we need you to focus.

Clean the entire house at once

If you’re thinking of doing one room at a time, which means you dust, vacuum, and mop in one room and repeat the cycle in every room of the house, then you’re bound to get tired and agitated. You’d be saving more time if you take the whole house at once. Vacuum the entire house together instead of every room separately. You’d witness yourself winding up the cleaning faster which consequently provides more time for Netflix.

Clear the mess

Mostly, what makes our houses appear dirty is not the dust but the clutter. Unnecessary things lying here and there is what makes your house look messier. Pick up the newspaper and place it on your coffee table, arrange the cushions, designate a place for your books, pick up your dirty shoes and you’re guaranteed to see a major difference in the look of your house. Most of the house cleaning process is done once you organize your stuff neatly. 

Dust and vacuum

These two are the mandatory actions in the house cleaning but you need to be careful while doing these. Turn off the fans before dusting, this way the dust won’t settle elsewhere (especially not on your face). Dust the furniture, the shelves, tv screens, and every area that is hard to reach. If you’ve finally decided to clean the house, do it with utmost conviction. Make sure that your duster is dry. Get a broom to clean the blinds or top areas. Before you start vacuuming, make sure you’ve changed the bedsheets.

Clean mirrors and glass

Yes, they are also part of the house. Take a damp cloth and wipe all the mirrors and windows of your house. That is the only way your mirror selfies are going to be bearable because trust me, no one wants to see the blotches on your mirrors. 

Bathrooms and kitchen 

You need to be very careful when you’re cleaning your bathrooms because they need to be very neat and tidy. Take your spray cleaners and spray it properly on the basins, tubs, and tubes. Let it sink for a while to then scrub all of them to wash off all the stains and dirt. 

The same way has to be carried out in the kitchen. Spray the cleaner all over your sink, oven, and the inside of your microwave. Scrub them all. Get towards the cleaning of the toilets at the very last.


Now you need to mop the floors. Again, don’t mop from room to room, do it all over the house at one time. Start from the corner of the room and mop towards the door and finally towards the entrance of the house. Keep rinsing your mop after every while to keep it clean.

Wipe off the rust stains 

You can clean your porches, garage or concrete floors usually like the rest of the house but these places usually have some rigid rusty stains that don’t go away from regular cleaning. If you’re thinking about acid, then we’ve got a better formula. Lemons! Squeeze a lemon where the stain lies and let it absorb it for ten minutes at least. Scrub it with a brush later and you’ll see the stain lying there for months go away in minutes. Rinse the area and it’s as good as new. 

Surface areas

There are many places in the house that you touch almost every hour but haven’t cleaned in years. These are the places that need to be disinfected. The doorknobs, light switches, countertops, telephones are all the things that transfer germs from person to person. Apple cider vinegar and water is the best solution to clean these areas. It doesn’t take very long and is very effective.

Wash your cleaning tools

It is very important that you wash your cleaning tools after you’re done cleaning the house. Clean your mop and clear your vacuum bag. As much time you’ve spent in the house cleaning, it doesn’t even take a quarter of that to do this. It will be very effective for the next time you start cleaning. 

Include other people 

Cleaning isn’t supposed to be a one-man thing. If you need to finish your work quicker, include other people with you. Ask your family members to help you do it. divide the tasks equally and you’ll be done with the cleaning faster. 

Make it your routine

Last but not the least, make housecleaning a daily routine. Include it in your habits to keep everything arranged in its place. When you keep your house clean on a daily basis, you’ll have less work to do and thus, you’ll be done in less time instead of accumulating things in your to-do list and then crying over the load of work. Make things easier for yourself. 

All of these tips are going to make the cleaning convenient for you, all you have to do is make up your mind to start doing it. To make it more bearable, play some music in your ears, and start enjoying yourself. After all, the results are all worth it.