Home cleaning can be quite a daunting and tiresome job, especially if not done correctly. We usually clean our homes by following the zone cleaning procedure that is cleaning room by room. This cleaning method may take a lot of your time and energy as you have to repeat the whole process for every room again and again.
Cleaning the kitchen is not the easiest and the most fun thing in the world, and it can take ages to clean it, especially if it's a big kitchen. But the kitchen is a reflection of how clean you keep your house, and you must keep it clean. That's why I am going to share these seven changes that I brought in my daily kitchen cleaning routine, and now I love cleaning my kitchen more than ever!
With the Covid-19 pandemic prevailing over the world, we are now cautious and alert about cleaning and disinfecting our house more than ever. However, home cleaning is not a pleasant or straightforward job, especially with the bombardment of different and conflicting cleaning ideas all over the internet. Moreover, some of these cleaning ideas are mere myths that are relatively doing more harm than good to your home!