Yes, we all love to live in a clean house, but only a few enjoy cleaning. Cleaning your home can be a taxing and monotonous job, and not many people look forward to doing it. They keep postponing until it becomes inevitable, and in that case, cleaning takes much more time and energy. Nonetheless, home cleaning cannot be avoided and, unfortunately (for some people) has to be done at least twice a week.
The living room is the main room of your house. It is the liveliest part of your home, which can be used to just sit and watch TV, read a book, gather with your family, have chats with them, or watch a film with your friends or family. After all, it is called a “LIVING” room. (Get it?)
We have heard of cleaning the kitchen counter, keeping your kitchen sparkly clean, and so on. People are used to cleaning the kitchen counter, the stove, the floor, the refrigerator, and so on. But have you ever thought about cleaning your kitchen cabinets from the inside?
Organizing your house is a way of letting your creative side take control and showing it off. Every person who comes to your house will get an idea about you from how you have decorated it.
House cleaning is one of the toughest jobs one finds to do. Especially because for one, we don’t know where to start and second, there is so much to do that you find it easier to procrastinate. On the other side of the picture, we all long for the satisfaction that takes over you when you see a clean, well-organized house. However, there are several ways that you can adopt to make this pesky task easier and quicker.
Go look at your kitchen appliances and examine them. Now, tell me, are they so clean and shiny that you can see yourself clearly in them? Or can you see yourself a little blurry? it so dirty that it looks like it hasn't been cleaned since forever?
Household germs can be everywhere at once. Not taking the right precautions on time can result in flu, cold and other infectious diseases to spread. The surfaces that you touch a lot, and the areas with high traffic at your place are where the germs are present. Below are ten quick and beneficial tips to help you kill household germs and stay safe.
Home cleaning can be quite a daunting and tiresome job, especially if not done correctly. We usually clean our homes by following the zone cleaning procedure that is cleaning room by room. This cleaning method may take a lot of your time and energy as you have to repeat the whole process for every room again and again.
Cleaning the kitchen is not the easiest and the most fun thing in the world, and it can take ages to clean it, especially if it's a big kitchen. But the kitchen is a reflection of how clean you keep your house, and you must keep it clean. That's why I am going to share these seven changes that I brought in my daily kitchen cleaning routine, and now I love cleaning my kitchen more than ever!