Maid as Needed | Are you a germ freak? Here are 13 reasons why you should deep clean your bathroom

House cleaning is one of the most significant tasks that we schedule during our week. The entire process of dusting, vacuuming, moping follows when you’re cleaning your house to make sure it’s beat, tidy, and germ free. While the entire house deserves the utmost attention on deep cleaning, the bathroom is a place that needs most of the emphasis.  

They attract the most dirt, bacteria, and germs than any other place in your house. Due to the fact that they are small and difficult to clean, you need to pay a heavier focus on the cleaning of that part.  

Why do you need to clean the bathroom? 

No matter how modish your bathroom is, it still possesses a denser number of germs and dirt.  You’ll be carrying all those germs from your bathroom to the rest of the house if you are not delicate about giving them a deep clean and might end up having adverse effects on your health. There are multiple reasons why you should deep clean them: 


You take in most of the germs in your body through breathing. Bathrooms have a larger amount of tiny dust particles that can enter into your body through inhaling.  This can cause severe breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis, even pneumonia. For the better health of yourself and your family, clean your bathrooms intricately.  

Plethora of microorganisms 

Germ freak alert! Bathrooms have a massive number of microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that are extremely noxious. Make sure to wash the bathroom on a daily basis to prevent any of these from prevailing. Solutions like bleach, vinegar, and other antibacterial cleaners can do a good enough job to get your bathroom sanitary. Scrub the toilets, tubs, basins, handles, and faucets properly to prevent the spread of germs. Viruses and bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, fungi, mold, staph all exist in the nook and cranny of your bathroom, waiting to linger onto your body and cause stomach infections, intestinal diseases, and many other illnesses. If you have babies at your home, then your house cleaning process should definitely include the deep cleanse of your bathroom because all of these microorganisms weaken your immune system in the worst way possible.

Get rid of the stinky smell 

One of the top reasons to clean your bathroom is the odor. No one wants their bathroom to stink and especially not when they have some guests over. That is one of the most embarrassing things ever. If they are not cleaned, the unpleasant smell will perpetuate. To avoid shame, clean them properly and try making it your routine.

Warm and damp environment 

Bathrooms are high in moisture content which is why they are usually warm and damp. This is the most favorable environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. To 

prevent that from happening, deep clean your bathroom, or else it won’t be long before your bathroom will become a living hub for these organisms.


Bathrooms can also be a living area of molds. These grow due to a lack of ventilation.  When you clean every corner of your bathroom, you can evaluate whether your bathroom has mold or not and get rid of it.  


We are usually so busy with our lives that house cleaning gets shifted to the lowest point of our to-do list. When you’re not cleaning your bathroom for a long time, you’re basically inviting germs to live in your house. Schedule a day to clean the bathrooms, especially under the sink and flush.  

Health of sick 

If someone at your home is sick or unwell, you certainly don’t want them to get any more infected. To ensure that, deep cleanse your bathroom to avoid the spread of any germs.  

Filth particles  

It is a scientifically proven fact that when you flush the toilet, some tiny particles do not get flushed down. This results in them spreading around the bathroom. If you are habitual of leaving the seat up, then it is quite possible that these particles are everywhere in your bathroom. The solution is deep cleansing! 


One of the filthiest places in the house and cleaning them is the most disgusting job to do. However, it is still important. If they are clear, it will allow the water to flow through more smoothly. This means fewer areas for germs to accumulate


Deep cleaning the bathroom allows you to have a better idea of the maintenance issues that need to be addressed. They are mostly overlooked during a casual day.  You also get a better look at what needs a decoration or redecoration and what needs fixing.  

Less to do on a daily routine 

Making the deep cleanse of the bathroom a routine task will help get over with the cleaning sooner. If you clean occasionally, you obviously will have more work to do.  Cleaning regularly will save you from that hassle.  

Good exercise 

Cleaning the bathroom is a great exercise on its own. Don’t think of it as a burden, think of it as a way to prioritize your family’s health. Turn on the music and consider it as a responsibility that needs to be duly fulfilled. Dance along with the song and get going.  

Smells nice 

The results after the deep cleanse are intensely satisfying and pleasurable. Having a clean, tidy, bathroom that smells nice is something that will motivate you to regularly house clean. 

Cleaning the bathroom should be your topmost priority, especially if you want to ensure the health of your family. No one wants their homes to be creeping with germs and bacteria and the most viable solution to keep them away is a deep house cleaning. Keep the clutter away,  

and deep cleanse your bathroom. Put up an air freshener and the results of a clean, fragrance-filled bathroom will not only fill your heart with glee but make you want to do it regularly.