We have all been guilty of feeling a little envious while watching cooking and home shows and looking at those well-organized gloriously beautiful pantries. Well, let us tell you that having one of those highly-organized, well-ordered, and clean pantry is not impossible. Your pantry can also be just as arranged and as tidy. Besides being nice to look at, a clean pantry has several other positive outcomes. It reduces your meal prep time as you won’t have to spend time looking for your required items. An organized pantry will protect you from the distress and anxiety and make your cooking time more enjoyable and pleasurable. It will also save your space and prevent unnecessary mess created by spoilage and duplication.

We are here with 8 real and easily implemented pantry organization hacks that will help you have your dream pantry, just like those you get envy of from television.

Use clear containers

Your grocery staples, such as rice, grains, flours, and cereals, may come in a variety of boxes and bags, which may look messy if kept as it is. Buying clear containers is the ultimate and most helpful solution when it comes to pantry organization and home cleaning. Invest in clear containers of different shapes and sizes. It will give you several positive outcomes: the ability to see everything without having to open the box, a uniform look to your pantry, easy to store, and lesser probability of the product getting spoiled. It will further help you keep your pantry organized as you will be aware if you already have a particular product, and thus you will not purchase it again, causing duplication.

Label everything

The water is bubbling, and you are frantically searching through the pantry to find one specific jar of spice. We have all been there, right? The answer to this problem is to label everything! Yes, everything! Print out clean labels and paste them on each container. Trust us, this will change your whole cooking experience. Just look at the label and pick up the jar without having to sweep through the entire pantry.

Group similar items together

Grouping similar items in the pantry make them easy to find and more accessible. Categorize your grocery items and sort them into groups. We will mention a few categories here to give you an idea. The groups may be baked goods, snacks, sauces, spices, and so on. You can keep all the stuff belonging to each category neatly in different baskets and label the baskets accordingly. In need of the tiny bottle of baking soda? Just pull the basket with the label of baking goods and voila!

Utilize the Doors

The insides of your pantry doors offer an ample storage space if used properly. You can get many different types of door organizers from the market according to your pantry and use them for maximum space utilization. Install a few hooks on the doors and hang your mittens, brushes, or any other hangable grocery stuff. You can also attach some organizers on the door to put things like foils and plastic wraps, and much more. Besides giving you space utilization, storage capacity, it will also make these items more accessible for you.

Add pull-out drawers

Install some pull out drawers or shelves in one section of your pantry to keep all the smaller and easily-lost items in one place. Moreover, it will give you the accessibility and usability of each corner of your pantry. A single pull will let you reach the stuff right at the back. No more crouching down and reaching out all the way back to get that one pot.

Use turntables and tiered shelves

Using turntables or tiered shelves, or even both is one of the best ways to keep your pantry organized. Turntables allow you to sort and access smaller jars like that of spices and condiments in one place. A tiered shelf lets you use the depth of your pantry to the maximum. Moreover, they also look good to the eyes.

Use baskets and bins

Place large hampers and baskets at the bottom shelf of your pantry to store miscellaneous stuff that occupies more space. It may include your grocery bags, large paper towel rolls, aprons, kitchen towels, and many other items. This method will give your pantry a much cleaner look as compared to keeping a stack of bags and toilet rolls openly in the pantry.

A separate rack for canned and bagged goods

It may be awkward to organize goods that are in the form of packets. They may give your pantry an unorganized look. The solution to this issue is to assign a whole different shelf for such products. Divide the rack into two separate portions, one for the canned goods and the other for packages goods. You can use baskets or large containers to keep these goods in one place. The cans can be stacked on top of each other, or an even better option is to get racks that hold the cans on their sides. Now you have no more cans rolling around your pantry, and no more packaged items falling on you each time you open the doors of your pantry.

Some Final Words

Good pantry organization and having everything well-arranged and ordered prevents you from a lot of trouble and saves you time while preparing and cooking a meal. Moreover, it also gives you pleasure and peace, every time you look at it.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay this task anymore! Get up and get your pantry organized today!