8 tips on how you can keep your living room sparkly clean

The living room is the main room of your house. It is the liveliest part of your home, which can be used to just sit and watch TV, read a book, gather with your family, have chats with them, or watch a film with your friends or family. After all, it is called a “LIVING” room. (Get it?)

But being the liveliest part of the house, it is bound to get dirty eventually. The most vibrant room can quickly start looking like the most tiring one. 

It is necessary to keep it well organized and clean and treat it with care if you want it to stay the way it is. It will be a matter of time before it becomes a mess if you do not start cleaning it properly. 

To help you keep your living room so clean that it starts to sparkle, let me give you some tips. And by the end of it, you will be well equipped to go on your mission to clean your living room.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


Get your dusting tools out and keep them in a place where they are easily accessible. Why? Because you will need it every day. 

Use your cute feather duster to dance and dust around your living room – the tables, the coffee table, the TV stand, the TV itself, the frames, and everything else (including things not clearly visible). Trust me, dancing will keep you motivated.

Your living room gets dusty every day, just like every other room, and you need to keep it clean or else:

  • It will not look clean.
  • If you have asthma, having a lot of dust around is not good. It is not acceptable even if you don’t have asthma. You don’t want everyone coughing in the living room, do you?

Keep a wastebasket

Ah, wastebaskets. Not everyone is a fan of keeping wastebaskets in the living room. You will have to go all the way to your room or kitchen to dispose of your trash from the living room. Some might even just leave it in the living room due to laziness – understandable (don’t do that though!!)

And to save yourself from it and the trash lying around in the living room, get a wastebasket and keep it in your living room.

Just get a cute little wastebasket that matches with your living room’s theme and watch how much cleaner your living room will look.

Wash the cushions more often.

Your cushions often go unwashed for a very, very long time. Imagine all the dust that is accumulated inside your cute cushions. It is sometimes visible by the way the cushions change colors – especially white ones.

Get them washed more often before they get filthy, and you would rather throw them away. 

If they can be washed by a washing machine, that’s perfect. Your work is made easier. And if not, no worries, you can hand wash it. But make sure you do!


If you have a rug or carpet in your living room, you need to vacuum it ASAP.

The vacuum has honestly made cleaning so easier. Vacuum your carpet as much as you can because you do not know how many crumbles of the chips or biscuits that you ate (which will attract insects) are present there. 

Do not forget to vacuum under the sofas and furniture as well. Obviously, you won’t get much time to move the couch and clean it, and so the vacuum will be of great use to you.

It is an easy way to pick up the crumbles and clean inside the tight spaces.

Tidy the living room every morning/night

Depending on what suits you, tidy up the living room before you sleep at night or after you wake up in the morning. 

This habit will prevent all the mess that will build up, and eventually, you will start losing your things in your living room.

Keep your shoes where they belong, put all the cushions in the right order and puff them up, place all the glasses and plates in the dishwasher, and you will be saving yourself from the disaster that might occur otherwise.

Keep everything organized

If you have a bookshelf or any shelf for that matter, how clean and beautiful will it look if you keep it organized instead of just throwing things around the shelf?

Let me give you an example, if you have a bookshelf, keep the books in order, such as keeping the books by the color or by the writer. Now imagine how clean and orderly it will look?

If your living room is organized, it will automatically give a sense of cleanliness, and you, along with everyone else, will love sitting in it even more.

Reduce the decorations

Before you think, “are you crazy? Decorations are beautiful”, hear me out! 

Decorations are indeed beautiful and definitely add to the living room’s beauty, but too much of them can make it harder for you to easily clean the dust off the tables. And you will have the added responsibility of cleaning the decorations as well. 

People often buy new decorations but refuse to throw the older ones that are of no use. 

Don’t do that! Reduce the decorations in your living room or rotate them after a while, if you really want to.

Do a deep-cleaning weekly.

Deep cleaning every week is a must if you want to keep your living room clean.

Get those curtains and blinds off and wash them, clean the ceiling fans and the windows thoroughly, use the duster to clean the tables, and all the photographs hanging on the wall along with your bookshelf.

Don’t forget to clean your cushions; they may be full of dust after not being cleaned for ages! 


Now you know how to keep your living room cleaner than ever, what are you waiting for? Go and try out these tips and watch everyone (including your own self) complimenting the living room over and over again!