Garages are designed for our cars, but they are more often used as a dumping ground for clothes, tools, empty cans, and other miscellaneous items. Anything that is worn out, broken down or you just don’t want to deal with is just thrown into the garage. This naturally leads to your garage being a complete mess and a day or two is needed to properly clear out and organize your garage.

Here are our 7 best tips to help you clean out your garage.

Have a Detailed Plan of Action

Over the years a wide variety of items pile up in our garage. During the long winters, garages also face wear and tear, so your first priority should be to have a proper plan. With a proper goal in mind, you can easily decide the next steps you must take. Do you need quick access to tools, or do you need your garage to act as a storage and laundry room?

Figuring out your goal and then setting a plan of action is important to easily and efficiently clean out your garage. Write down all the items that are present in your garage: which ones do you want to keep and which ones can you do without. Some items should just be thrown away whereas you can sell others. 

Empty your Garage Section by Section

After you have thought of an ideal course of action, you can move on to the next step, which is taking everything outside. Whenever the weather is ideal, take all your stuff into your driveway or backyard. Being able to visualize everything you have can help assess the situation and determine how long it may take. This will help greatly in executing your plan.

Emptying out your garage section-by-section can help you stay organized. You will be able to see the amount of space you have. With that information, you can then determine how much storage you will need for everything you are keeping.

How to Easily Clean your Garage

After you have cleared out your garage you will most certainly notice that the garage needs cleaning. This may seem like a daunting task at first, however, there is no need to worry.

  • Motor oil stains can be removed using simple cat litter and soap.
  •  Any mold that is present can be wiped away using bleach and warm water
  • Sponge mops should be used to clean the walls or your garage
  • After you have wiped your walls, dry them using a flat head mop
  • If you wish to speed up the process of drying you can use a floor fan.

Tidy up and Repair your Garage

Garages are often subjected to wear and tear. This wear and tear is often not noticed, as we do not spend ample amounts of time in the garage. If you see there are any pieces of broken walls or some cracks you might want to repair them while you have the chance. 

 A layer of a protective coat or some flexible coating can help greatly to seal any cracks. You should also check your wires to make sure nothing has been chewed on or is left exposed. Calling a professional to do any repairs may help improve your garage. Inspect the door, lights, and windows to see if anything needs to be fixed.

Cleaning the gutters is important and you should look for signs of water damage. You can also put some carpets or a garage floor protector to prevent the chances of it becoming dirty again. 

Containers Help to Keep Things Organized

After cleaning your garage, it is time to reorganize. Spend some money and invest in containers. There are many local home improvement stores, which have containers perfect for storage. Use your walls and ceilings to maximize space usage. For example for hardware, you might need a tackle box and something larger for other types of items. Tubs and bins can be used to store holiday decorations. 

Usually, items in the garage have odd shapes; they are extremely large or extremely small. This is why it’s important to determine which container is needed for what. Sports items can be stored in a separate bin as a sports section. Lids on top of bins can also be used to store paper towels or tissues. 

Install New Cabinets or Shelves For Organization 

After you have bought containers you might still have to store many large items, which do not fit in containers. Lawn equipment and bikes take up a lot of space and can oftentimes be placed on shelves. If you do not want to spend time but are willing to invest in new cabinets there are professional garage organizing companies. These companies can help you in organizing your garage. If you have less space, hanging things can often help a lot. Hang shovels and bikes on the wall to maximize space usage.

Re-commit to Keeping it Organized

Sometimes the best cure is prevention. After you have properly organized your garage, try to keep it organized. Label all the bins and hooks so you know what they are for. This will help you to put items back in their proper place. This will prevent your garage from cluttering up and keep it clean. Make sure everyone knows where each item is and keep it that way.


At first glance, trying to clean out your garage may seem extremely difficult. However, with these easy steps, you can quickly and efficiently clean up your garage. To reiterate, here are our 7 tips to clean your garage.

  • Have a Detailed Plan of Action
  • Remove Everything from the Garage
  • How to Easily Clean your garage
  • Tidy up and Repair your Garage
  • Buy some New Containers to Help you Stay Organized
  • Install Shelves
  • Commit to Keeping it Organized

We hope these 7 tips can help you keep your garage organized and clean.