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We have heard of cleaning the kitchen counter, keeping your kitchen sparkly clean, and so on. People are used to cleaning the kitchen counter, the stove, the floor, the refrigerator, and so on. But have you ever thought about cleaning your kitchen cabinets from the inside?

If you have, and that is why you are here, then bravo! I must say you really want to get your kitchen thoroughly clean.

Now, we know of tips that can keep your kitchen clean from the look, but we need advice that will help you clean the insides thoroughly, like the kitchen cabinets.

You already know what not keeping them clean will do; make them look worse, and the place where you keep all your kitchen stuff will be filthy.

Deep cleaning is a must, and it includes cleaning your kitchen cabinets. So let’s look at the tips that will help make your cabinet cleaning easier and better.

Use your vacuum

When you clean the kitchen cabinets, you may clean it using a cloth, but you may have missed those little pieces even after that.

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To avoid that, make use of the vacuum in your house to pick up those crumbles that might be left in the kitchen cabinet. If not crumbles, then some other pieces of dust or debris will be left there.

And you can’t afford to keep them there, or it might attract insects. Besides, who wants a dirty kitchen? No one!

Clean from up to down

While cleaning the insides and the outsides of the kitchen cabinet, make sure that you do it starting from the top and slowly going down to the bottom.

Why? If you start from the bottom and then go up, all the dust will fall down on the bottom, and then you will have to clean it up all over again.

Avoid yourself from that trouble and time-wasting and start from the top to the bottom.

This tip is beneficial in cleaning the cabinets – you can thank me later!

Prepare a cleaning solution.

To get rid of those greasy stains that take forever to come off, make a cleaning solution by mixing one-part mild dishwashing soap with two parts hot water and put it in a spray bottle, and you're good to use it. Just spray some on the cabinets and clean it with a cloth.

How does this help? Well, the hot water in the solution softens the grease, so it is easier to wipe away those stains.

Scrubbing the kitchen cabinets roughly and continuously can damage the paint on the cabinets, so why not use the cleaning solution as a solution for this?

Use baking soda and vegetable oil.

Another way to get rid of the greasiness and gunk from the kitchen cabinets is making a paste of one-part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda. This will help clear the gunk off your precious cabinets.

Okay, but honestly, what does baking soda not do? We knew it was used for cooking and cleaning too, but now you know it can be used to clean your kitchen cabinets as well.

Use the baking soda to tackle strong spots.

Use a toothbrush for tough spots.

Those tough spots can be a headache to get rid of; it can literally take forever.

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Make your life easier by getting an old toothbrush lying around at your house (I’m sure all of us have one useless one in our house) (also make sure it is not used by anyone) and use that toothbrush to scrub those spots that might be hard to reach.

Make sure you are gentle with the toothbrush to avoid any damage.

You can finally use those toothbrushes for something now!

Use vinegar for your glass cabinets.

Glass cabinets are indeed beautiful, but if you have them in your house, you know that they can be a pain. They will be filled with fingerprints and dirt on them. Since it is glass, you need to be extra careful with them.

Grab the vinegar in your kitchen (where you already must be) and make a solution of 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water and use it on your glass to get rid of those fingerprints and get yourself a sparkly glass cabinet.

You can also use soap water on a soft sponge to clean your glass cabinets.

Dry the cabinets after cleaning

The most important tip that you must remember.

Once you are done with your cabinet cleaning, make sure you dry them before you keep all your stuff back – assuming that you took them out of the cabinet…I am expecting you did…or else how can you clean?

Anyway, use a cloth to dry all the wet surfaces and make sure they are dry to avoid damage to the surface or the finish or the paint.

Drying it will also make it shine. So why would you not do it?

Clean and shiny kitchen cabinets

I shared my 7 tips of cleaning your kitchen cabinet with you, and now I would want you to use them and benefit from them. Hopefully, they are useful for you and will leave your kitchen cabinets looking cleaner than ever before.

One last thing: remember to clean your kitchen cabinets more often to keep them clean at all times and to make them last longer than you ever imagined.

It is essential to keep them clean because your cabinets are exposed to all sorts of bacteria, and your kitchen is the place where you make your food, so it's crucial you keep it clean.

That's all I have for you for now. I hope these tips helped you the way they did me! If you have any more suggestions, share them with us as well.