Home Cleaning | Myths

With the Covid-19 pandemic prevailing over the world, we are more cautious and alert about cleaning and disinfecting our house. However, home cleaning is not a pleasant or straightforward job, especially with the bombardment of conflicting cleaning ideas out there. Moreover, some of these house cleaning ideas are mere myths doing more harm than good to your home!

We are here to set the house cleaning methods straight by rounding up and breaking 7 of the most common cleaning myths that are somewhat counterproductive to your cleaning efforts.

Myth # 1: Glass is cleaned best with a newspaper

This philosophy is one of those cleaning ideas that may have been true a long time ago, but not anymore! 

The contemporary newspaper is made with a much thinner and cheaper quality paper as compared to older times. Consequently, the paper gets wet and leaves paper residue behind, giving the glass a blurry and unclean look. The paper sheet can also tear really quickly, creating inconvenience for you and slowing you down. You may even end up with newsprint on your hands as well as on your glass.

Reality: It is better to use a squeegee or microfiber cloths instead!

Myth # 2: Vinegar is a magical all-purpose cleaner

This natural cleaning solution is generally believed to be the solution to numerous cleaning problems. However, the truth is that Vinegar does not clean everything, and sometimes it can actually imply more harm than good. Although it is a reliable grease-cutting agent and can be used effectively to clean certain items, it is certainly not a magical cleaner for all surfaces. Using Vinegar on surfaces like stone countertops and wood floors, you are actually damaging your house items.

Reality: It is better to use alternative eco-friendly disinfectants and cleaners available in the market.

Myth # 3: Bleach is best to remove rusty stains

It is usually assumed that bleach is the most logical and sensible fix for a rust stain, but that’s not the case! In fact, by reacting with rust, the bleach tends to worsen the discoloration and results in more mess and damage. Hence, while trying to get rid of rusty stains, you should avoid using bleach at all costs.

Reality: you can get commercial rust removers available in the market or use other household items such as lemon or Vinegar.

Myth # 4: Air fresheners help clean the air  

They may give your room a fresh and pleasant smell, but an air freshener does not purify or clean up the air in your house. An air freshener covers up any unpleasant odors by perfuming it rather than cleaning it. So, the frequent trust in using air fresheners for a cleaner in-house environment is nothing but a myth. Moreover, the dangerous chemicals inhaled because of these sprays may also harm you.

Reality: If you want a purer and cleaner air in your house, get an air-purifying indoor plant 

Myth # 5: Dusting is done best with Feather Dusters

Ever since it arrived in the market, the feather dusters have been one of the most commonly used dusting tools. However, contrary to common belief, a feather duster is not effective in getting your surfaces dust-free. Several housecleaning experts do not prefer or recommend feather dusters as they say that these dusters only scatter the dust around rather than removing it. Moreover, they leave tiny fluffs of feather behind, creating more mess!

Reality: A microfiber cloth is the best tool for dusting as it can grasp and retain a ton of dust without releasing it into the air.

Myth # 6: The more you polish your furniture, the better

Using wood polish on your furniture every time you clean is a widely believed misconception. Even though polishing your wood furniture regularly is tempting as it gives a shiny new look to your furniture, it is not recommended! Too much of this wood polish can damage your furniture as it creates a sticky coating, which is tough to remove and accumulates dust and dirt on your furniture. Using wood polish too frequently will wear down your furniture more quickly. 

Reality: It is best to polish your wood furniture only once a month. In between polishing, all you need is a clean microfiber cloth or a fresh paper towel.

Myth #7: Too much vacuuming ruins your carpet.

This one is one of the most universally believed and followed myths about cleaning. Vacuuming your carpet frequently does not ruin it, but accumulated dust and dirt surely do! With the passage of time, all sorts of messes, and dust can get down into the base of your carpet and can result in much more damage than vacuuming. That being said, it is certain that certain care and handling measures should be followed while vacuuming to minimize damage.

Reality: Regularly vacuuming your carpet is essential for cleaning it, and it definitely is less harmful than the stored dust.

With the internet, everybody has access to all kinds of information, but they may also be misinformation. Particularly when it comes to home cleaning, you should be careful about the products you utilize and how you use them. It is always better to live in a cleaner environment and to do so, and you must follow proven cleaning protocols rather than house cleaning myths!