Maid as Needed | 10 things you need to know when buying cleaning supplies for your home

Cleaning itself is a task that requires a lot of hard work and energy, for which you need good cleaning supplies. Now, just like cleaning, buying cleaning supplies is not an easy task. There are so many things like sponges, dusters, cleaning brushes, mops, buckets, dustpans, gloves, and so on. I can go on forever!

And if you are putting so much effort in getting cleaning supplies, they should be good, right? So, here are 10 things you should know when you are buying cleaning supplies for your home to help in your search for supplies!

What do you need? 

This one is the most important one when you are going shopping, and I’m not talking about only cleaning supplies shopping. If you go to the mall without anything in mind of what you need to buy, you will just waste your precious time roaming around feeling lost and confused about what is worth spending money on. 

That is why, before you go shopping, make a checklist and write down all the things that you need so that when you go there, you don’t look like a lost puppy! It’s always good to know what you are searching for, so you don’t waste your time and get on with the cleaning ASAP! 

So, first point: Decide what you need AT HOME before you go buy supplies.

Have your budget ready

 Along with deciding what you really need, keep a budget that you cannot cross when purchasing items. Why? Trust me, it is really easy to go over the line and buy products that you might not use as much. 

It is good to keep a budget, so you know when to stop. You don’t want to spend too much on only the cleaning supplies, do you?

Do your research

Instead of going to the store and just buying the one that looks pretty, do your research! Search online for companies that sell good quality products and look at their reviews. Their reviews will tell you whether they are worth buying or not. You can read up people’s experiences with the product and then come to a decision. 

It’s always good to do your research!

Can you make it at home? 

Before buying up supplies for cleaning, think if you can make it yourself at home or not? 

If you can, why waste your time and money in buying it?

There are so many cleaning supplies you can make yourself, like carpet spot cleaners, wood furniture polisher, glass window cleaner, and so on. Who wouldn’t like a DIY cleaning supply? Just search it up on google, grab the ingredients already present at your house, and you are good to go.

What to watch out for?

This point can come under the researching point as well.

You need to know of all the ingredients and toxins that may be present in the harmful cleaning supplies, such as:

  • Ammonia: it can be toxic if inhaled, touched or swallowed.
  • Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl: dangerous for the nervous system, kidney and liver.
  • Phosphates: harmful for the aquatic life
  • Phthalates

Take a look at the ingredients. 

Looking at the ingredients MATTERS! If you pick up a product that does not show the ingredients, it is better that you put it back where you picked it up from. Do not purchase their products.

If there is no ingredient list in the product you chose, you won’t know if it is safe or not. Be honest; is it worth the risk? Not at all. You need to know what is in it before you purchase it.

Look at the prices

High prices are not an indicator of good quality, and low prices are not an indicator for poor quality…Although in most cases, it is like that. But sometimes, the prices charged are too high for their quality.

Do your research and find products that have a fair and affordable price, not too much, not too low. 

Look at different brands to see which one have fair prices and are of good quality as well.

Make sure to have your budget in mind and not go over it.

Watch out for labelling tricks

Sometimes when a product states that it is natural or eco-friendly, it doesn’t always mean that it is. You should verify it by looking at the ingredients and gaining some knowledge about the brand and the product. Or else, you will just be a victim of their trick.

Choose environmentally friendly products.

That brings us to our eighth point; environmentally friendly products. Before buying a product, you need to consider the effects it will have on the environment.

We all know that cleaning products have numerous chemicals that can put our health and the environment at stake. There are already so many environmental problems going on in the world, we do not need more. 

Green cleaning is an alternative that is safer and more affordable. They have non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally-derived safe agents. 

Get an eco-friendly product and do your part in lessening the pollution and ozone depletion. 

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is a way of saving money. When you buy your cleaning products in a large quantity, you can actually save money because you can get a discount. Also, your spending per product will lower. 

Getting many cleaning supplies that will cover you for a long while saving money – who wouldn’t want that?

That’s it!

Buying cleaning supplies is not an easy job, and anyone who does it knows this. There are a lot of things you need to consider and keep in mind before purchasing it, such as the ones above. But once you buy the right ones, your life (and cleaning process) will be made more comfortable and better so your house can look cleaner than ever. 

Just make sure to keep all these things in mind the next time you go for cleaning supplies shopping.