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Household germs can be everywhere at once. Not taking the right precautions on time can result in flu, cold and other infectious diseases to spread. The surfaces that you touch a lot, and the areas with high traffic at your place are where the germs are present. Below are ten quick and beneficial tips to help you kill household germs and stay safe. 

10 Tips

  1. Surface-disinfecting sprays 
    • The most common places that are the germiest are the hotspot that every family member touches, such as appliance handles, doorknobs and counters. Viruses and bacteria can be present in them. Use the surface disinfecting sprays to kill influenza. The visible dirt should be cleaned, and it should be left for air-dry as most of the germs are killed through evaporation. 
  2. Bedroom check
    • Doing a bed check is necessary as mostly it’s filled with dust and germs that we are unaware of. It’s better to wash all the bed sheets once a week in hot water, including the sofa accessories. The steam will finish the dander and dust, and the heat will eventually kill the bacteria. Snacks and food should always be kept out of the bedroom as the crumbs attract bacteria and Mold. 
  3. Clean the office room
    • Desktops, computer keyboards and telephones are the primary sources of germs, mostly if you eat while working or if you share your equipment. A vacuum attachment should be used to clean the junk, and a wipe should be used to disinfect the keyboard. Purchasing skin for your computer keyboard and washing it every day will help to prevent germs. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your computer screen, which will help you stay safe from the germs. 
  4. Sanitizing the kitchen Sink
    • Kitchen sinks are known to be worse when it comes to incubating germs. It should be scrubbed with a disinfecting cleanser every day. Moreover, the kitchen sponge contains bacteria from vegetables, raw meats and other foods. It is suggested to wet the sponge and microwave it for 2 minutes daily. It will help kill any germs or salmonella that is present on it.
  5. Wash the bathroom
    • Two tablespoons of dish liquid, ammonia and warm water can be mixed to create a cleanser for washing the bathrooms. It could be used for the shower, sink and floor. By cleaning it 2-3 times a week, it prevents mildew and Mold from growing. Baking soda is also used to remove any stains from the floor. It is beneficial to help stop the germs from spreading in the bathroom. 
  6. Cleaning hallways and carpets
    • While you’re walking on carpets with shoes on, you’re bringing the dirt from outside. This bacteria can cause illness and allergies. To stop this from happening you should leave your shoes at the door and wash floors and vacuum carpets once a week! 
  7. Clean your washing machine
    • It might be a shock to a lot of people who believe that the washing machine is the cleanest place in their homes. However, dirty laundry can fill your washer with viruses and bacteria. To kill germs and prevent diseases, you should add a cup of bleach in it and run it empty. 
  8. Toothbrush holder 
    • Many surveys have suggested that toothbrush holders can contain more germs than your toilet seat. A new bacteria known as Klebsiella michiganensis is present on a toothbrush holder which can cause urinary and respiratory tract infections. It should be rinsed after each use and replaced after every 3-4 months. 
  9. Furniture
    • If a family member is sick in your home, the germs could contaminate in your whole house. Therefore, vacuuming upholstered furniture is necessary. It helps to keep dirt from growing on the table over time. The spray could also be used to disinfect the cushions to prevent germs. 
  10. Trash Cans
    • When was the last time you disinfected your trash cans? It is one thing that is often touched. You should remove the plastic from it by warm water and clean it. Afterwards, rinse and dry it with a paper towel. Once it is dried, all sides should be disinfected with spray, and it should be left like that for a necessary period. It will not only help to maintain hygiene in your house but also prevent bacteria and other illnesses from spreading due to the germs. 

These tips and tricks will help you maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle which will also help you from contracting any diseases or flu and will save you from germs!